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Ferrous Metals

Brake Drums / Rotors
Forklift / Machinery
Heavy Metal
Sheet Iron

Non-Ferrous Metals

Aluminum Breakage
Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Dirty
Aluminum Radiators, Clean
Aluminum Radiators, Dirty
Aluminum, Clean
Aluminum, Semi Wheels
Aluminum Copper Radiators Combo
Aluminum Copper Radiators Combo Irony
ACR Ends
Bare Bright
Brass with Iron
Yellow Brass
Mixed Copper & Brass
Cast Aluminum
AC Compressors
#1 Copper
#2 Copper
#3 Copper

Auto Copper Radiators
Copper Transformers
Auto Copper Radiators, Dirty
Electric Motors
Painted Extrusions
Sealed Units
Stainless Steel
Christmas Lights
Harness Wire
House Wire
#2 Insulated / Extension Cords
#1 Insulated (80%)
#1 Insulated (90%)
Communication Wire
Heliac Wire

PCBs / Capacitors
CFCs (all freon, appliance & auto refrigerants must be extracted)
Radioactive materials
Lighting ballasts
Mercury (switches)
Closed containers including unapproved drums
Broken batteries within ferrous loads

Scrap materials with HAZMAT or radioactive markings
Pressurized containers including post-consumer aerosol
Asbestos materials
Flammable or explosive materials
Any free liquid or solid wasters
Television or computer monitors
Firearms and munitions